From the fruit-growers to the final consumers

What Agrios does to ensure top quality


Establishment of new orchards

When establishing new orchards, varieties of apple are selected that are suitable for the given location. The young trees planted must be healthy and certified.



Professional pruning and care form the basis for regular harvests with high quality. The application of fertilizer is based on the fruit trees' actual need for nutrients; this is determined by means of soil and leaf analyses. Irrigation is carried out as necessary to supplement natural precipitation; this guarantees the extremely efficient use of water resources. Plant protectants with a minimum impact on useful insects (lady bugs, bees, lacewings, earwigs) are employed to reduce the number of pests.


Harvesting and storage

The careful harvesting at exactly the right moment in time is the prerequisite for high-quality and storable fruits. Each variety has its own time-window for harvesting: This is the ideal period of time to harvest the apples. E.g., the Gala variety is ripe in early August, while the Fuji variety can be harvested only as of mid-October. By storing the harvested fruit in cooling chambers with a controlled atmosphere (containing hardly any oxygen, and with high humidity), the apples can remain fresh and crisp for many months.



After being carefully graded, the fruit is placed in environmentally friendly packaging and then shipped to the customer. The proper labelling of the goods and total traceability guarantee the origin and natural cultivation of the fruit from integrated cultivation.